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Trading on MTGO

What is the simplest trade you can imagine?
1 card for 1 card, or simply said, 1:1
Simple enough? So why is it so difficult to find someone to casually trade 1:1?

We created the 1:1 Project because we believe that the MTGO trading market is controlled by traders that want to make profit on each and every trade. This is not bad by itself but we wanted to offer an alternative.

Join the 1:1 chatting room to meet people that want to trade cards (of the same rarity) 1:1. In this room you will also find trading bots with a large collection of cards waiting to trade 1:1 with you. Visit this web site, our forum and the 1:1 room for more information.



Currently, the trading market on MTGO is all about tix (Event Tickets). If you are looking for a valuable cards, it's easy to get as long as you have the obligatory tix. Tix quickly became the unofficial currency in MTGO. Because its relatively high value (around $1, which is the selling price of WotC), the tix is not an effective way to find a so called crap card, that have a value of less than $1. It's difficult to complete a casual trade. Not only you have to find someone that have the cards you are looking for, but that person must want some of the cards you have to trade. And of course, you have to haggle until you both agree on the fairness of the trade.

After some brainstorming, with the influence of the /join free room promoted by Beldar and Chad Ellis and the "give a penny, take a penny" concept, I started the 1:1 Project. Here how I presented my idea.

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Our Trading Bots

Basic Needs
Commons with Nature
Free Tibet
The Shining
Uncommon Sense

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Terms of Service

By completing a trade with one of our bots, you agree to be bound by the ToS.

In short, the rules are simple. Do not take more than 4 cards of a kind and do not use this service for your own profit.